The Kymara Gallery was founded in 1985 in Kennebunkport, Maine. It is a gallery, museum, educational, and performance space. We promote and preserve the creative accomplishments of artists and musicians whose work may not be exhibited in a traditional gallery space or may under other circumstances be destroyed due to its subject matter. The gallery celebrates human sexuality, love, and social commentary through fine art, performance, and music, in a supportive environment.

Regularly scheduled shows are held at the gallery space, and with community partners who share the same vision of artistic freedom. Education is provided through film and by experienced instructors who are respected members of the underground community. Our "Happenings" are three-day events that illustrate as accurately as possible, historic moments in the rise of the artistic Underground. Health education is always included at our events on such topics as HIV/Aids, sexually transmitted diseases and other public health issues. The Gallery promotes both established and emerging artists and musicians.