VH1 Lords of the Revolution event!


Milo Rock (AGITPOP) and Billy Name (photo) in the limo on the way to the Paley Center for VH1 Lords of the Revolution event. The Paley Center celebrates the 81st birthday of Andy Warhol with the premiere screening of an upcoming VH1 Rock Doc that looks at the revolutionary work that the pop auteur produced in the midsixties. The film shows how Warhol and his Factory provided a social arena for collaborative experimentation that spanned the worlds of poetry, fashion, film, photography, art, music, and the drug culture. Factory survivors describe how Warhol’s speed freaks, drag queens, musicians, superstars, and avant-garde artists helped shape a scene unique in American cultural history. Nowhere has Warhol’s interactions with Bob Dylan been brought to life so vividly. After the screening, Warhol intimates will discuss the legacy of the artist who anticipated our celebrity culture and reality television. Andy Warhol premieres on VH1 on Friday, August 14, at 8:00 pm ET, as part of its five-part series Lords of the Revolution.