Roger Clark Miller and Trinary Trinary System with special guests Cushing take Portland by Storm on October 25th

Roger Clark Miller's art show at Geno's Rock Club was a smashing success!  Miller's provoking frottage works were created at various stops over the years during his tours with Mission of Burma and bear documentation of where and when they were made on each piece.  His provoking surrealist works bring to mind the realities of a musician's life on the road.  Miller's gritty, vibrant imagery oozes movement and resonates with the vibration of sound transferred to paper, and illustrates the thoughts that go into inspiring music.  They show a sublime transition between music and visual art and Miller moves seamlessly between both universes.

Later in the evening Portland, Maine based band, Cushing opened for Miller's new band Trinary System.  Cushing's performance was a rocket blast of intense sound that captured and mesmerized the audience.  This is one band that everyone should keep an eye on as we have no doubts that they are soon to become a national act.

Roger Miller's band, Trinary System, with Larry Dersch on drums and Andrew Willis on bass, took the stage and played new material that can only be described as a musical orgasm.  It was a contemporary, tight and well produced performance which illustrates that fantastic music can still be created and can be performed with pure soul. Watch for Trinary System's new album and future performance dates.

A big thank you to Post Mortem for covering this legendary performance. Follow the link to see photos of Trinary System Live!


We would also like to mention the Legendary Glen DaCosta who played his sax and sang during the opening of Roger Clark Miller's art show.  It was an honor to witness a performer who can only be described as a living legend.  DaCosta's extraordinary career includes performances with Bob Marley and The Wailers, Lou Rawls, Gladys Knight and The Pips, and many others.  We will be featuring more information about Mr DaCosta in upcoming blogs and shows.