Bash Compactor: "County’s Party at The Chelsea Hotel for Jayne County". By Gerry Visco


Last week, I went to a party at The Chelsea Hotel for Jayne County, rock 'n' roll's most famous transsexual, but the famously curmudgeonly diva was nowhere to be found. Still, looking around New York, even in 2011, her legacy is everywhere. Wayne County was a New York City fixture during the early days of the punk club scene in the 1970s. After he returned from a trip to Berlin in 1980, Wayne became Jayne and began DJing in drag at Max's Kansas City. County was, at the time, one of the more outrageous and outspoken personalities the rock world had ever seen, and even today is pretty extreme. Her songs have lines like, "I love it when you make it with a bathroom plunger," (from "Toilet Love") or "If you don't want to fuck me baby/ Fuck off," from her signature number, "Fuck Off." You could say we share a sensibility.

WARHOLSTARS - "Supernovas to include work by Mary Woronov, Billy Name, Ultra Violet and Bibbe Hansen"

Dope Deal (1984) by Mary Woronov

Dope Deal (1984) by Mary Woronov

The party at the Chelsea Hotel on Friday, September 18th (see "BBC to film Warhol party at the Chelsea Hotel" below) will kick off a three day exhibition of art which will include works by Billy Name, Mary Woronov, Ultra Violet and Bibbe Hansen and others as well as music, film and personal appearances by Ivy Nicholson, David Dalton (co-author of the upcoming Warhol biography) and Caffe Cino playwright Robert Heide.

"21st Century Happening: ‘Supernova!’" kicks off at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 18, and continues from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 19 and Sunday, Sept. 20 at the Chelsea Hotel at 222 W. 23rd St. in Manhattan.

BBC to film Warhol party at the Chelsea Hotel


The BBC will be shooting footage for "Modern Masters: Andy Warhol" at the Supernovas! Warhol Superstars party taking place at at the Chelsea Hotel on Friday, September 18, 2009 from 7:00 pm to midnight and the public is invited - admission will be $10.00 at the door. Superstars attending include Billy Name, Mary Woronov, Allen Midgette, Bibbe Hansen, Louis Waldon, Ivy Nicholson and others.

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Sea Coast Online - 'Super Novas' a stellar exhibit The Kymara Gallery hosts Andy Warhol-related show!

By Joseph July 17, 2008 2:00 AM

A most unusual yet fascinating exhibit is currently occupying the walls of The Kymara Gallery at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford.

Gallery owner and artist Kymara Lonergan of Kennebunkport, whose experience and acquaintance in the art world is obviously extensive, has mounted the works of three artists who were associated with the famous pop artist Andy Warhol — Ultra Violet, Billy Name, and Bibbe Hansen. Also on display are Christopher Lynch's photos of the interior of Warhol's factory and of some of its regulars.

Roll Magazine - "The Name Behind the Warhol Legend: A Chat with Factory Artist Billy Name"

by Jay BlotcherIf


Andy Warhol was the chief jester of the psychedelic ‘60s—artist, filmmaker, huckster, sacred clown and satirist of a disposable culture—then the ringmaster of this whacked-out circus was Billy Name. Drawing on his own background in stage work, the Poughkeepsie-born Name created the ideal stage for Warhol’s superstars: he constructed and maintained the Silver Factory, Warhol’s midtown Manhattan Pop art workspace and the stable’s de facto clubhouse. There they thrived: Ondine, Viva, Candy Darling, Holly Woodlawn, Joe Dallesandro, Edie Sedgwick, Nico and more. Making music, making scenes, flouncing and preening and drugging while fabricating their own legends in an early example of performance art.

NY PRESS - "Bash Compactor: Man Enough To Be A Woman"


NY Press shares the following tidbit about the transgendered artist's recent performance
"County rocked the house with her usual standards, including “Max’s Kansas City,” “Storm the Gates of Heaven” and a lovely new song called “Rush Limbaugh.” She has always been electrifying on stage and this was no exception, weaving through the crowd, throwing herself to the floor, screaming out to ...

NIGHT MAGAZINE - "Anté Art" Superstars/The Kymara Gallery."

"During an historic photo session, filmed by Anton Perich at the Chelsea Hotel, NY, NY, Warhol Superstar Billy Name has revealed his "Ante Art" Superstars. Each person has been recognized for their contributions to the "Ante Art Scene" or the ree...mergence of the counter-culture underground of art and music and design. Billy Name, whose seminal photographs reflect the culture and style of the 1960's and Warhol's Silver Factory is rapidly becoming recognized as the godfather and mentor of a generation of visual artists and musicians who are influenced by the early Avant Garde. The works of the Ante Art Supertars will be on display at the show, "Jayne County's Mad Tea Party, Sex! Art! Music!" to be held at The Chelsea Hotel The hottest venue space in NYC.. More music! More Art! More Party! NIGHT, the world's most avant garde/sophisticated/provocative periodical. NIGHT, the ultimate scripture. NIGHT, the supreme oracle of current and future trends in art/fashion/literature/nightlife. NIGHT, the original nightlife magazine. NIGHT history lesson. NIGHT born in 1978. During the disco-nightclub era of Studio 54, Xenon, Club A, Regines, The Continental, Hurrah's, Danceteria, Pravda, etc., NIGHT was there. NIGHT played, and still plays, a major role in influencing the far-too-many nightlife/celebrity magazines that have followed NIGHT's trend-setting lead.

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Kennebunkport Post - "Artist brings Warhol influence to Maine"


By Suzanne Hodgson Staff Writer

CBGB’s, a well-known punk club, may have closed four years ago in New York City, but Kymara Leechi Lonergan has a new place for the art and music of alternative media to thrive: southern Maine. Leechi Lonergan has scheduled a “happening” – a constantly changing mix of visual art and music – at North Dam Mill in Biddeford and a “museum” at her bed and breakfast, Dock Square Inn and Antiques in Kennebunkport. On Saturday evening, Leechi Lonergan will host the happening at the mill, which is open to the public. The show will include artwork by Billy Name, Jayne County, Detroit Punk Scene and local artist Alex Kaminsky, along with live performances by Jayne County and the War Hols and others.

NY DAILY NEWS - 21st Century Happening: ‘Supernova!’

The legendary Chelsea Hotel will host 21st Century Happening: ‘Supernova!,’ a three-day exhibition of art, music, film and performance. The event will feature works by Warhol Factory artists alongside those of today’s Anté Art Movement, the re-emerging New York underground art movement led by Billy Name.
Works by: Ultra Violet, Bibbe Hansen, Allan Midgette, Louis Waldon, Justin Drew, Fernando Carpaneda,Miestorm
Performances, September 18: Whore’s Mascara, Ixion Burlesque

Friday, Sep 18 (2009)




The first in a four-part series exploring the life and works of the 20th century's most important artists: Matisse; Picasso; Dali and Warhol. Art critic Alastair Sooke sets out to discover why these artists are considered so great and how they still influence our lives today. He begins with Andy Warhol, the king of Pop Art. On his journey he parties with Dennis Hopper, has a brush with Carla Bruni and gets to grips with Marilyn.

Along the way he uncovers just how brilliantly Andy Warhol pinpointed and portrayed our obsessions with consumerism, celebrity and the media, and then went on to re-invent them.