Bash Compactor: "County’s Party at The Chelsea Hotel for Jayne County". By Gerry Visco


Last week, I went to a party at The Chelsea Hotel for Jayne County, rock 'n' roll's most famous transsexual, but the famously curmudgeonly diva was nowhere to be found. Still, looking around New York, even in 2011, her legacy is everywhere. Wayne County was a New York City fixture during the early days of the punk club scene in the 1970s. After he returned from a trip to Berlin in 1980, Wayne became Jayne and began DJing in drag at Max's Kansas City. County was, at the time, one of the more outrageous and outspoken personalities the rock world had ever seen, and even today is pretty extreme. Her songs have lines like, "I love it when you make it with a bathroom plunger," (from "Toilet Love") or "If you don't want to fuck me baby/ Fuck off," from her signature number, "Fuck Off." You could say we share a sensibility.