NIGHT MAGAZINE - "Anté Art" Superstars/The Kymara Gallery."

"During an historic photo session, filmed by Anton Perich at the Chelsea Hotel, NY, NY, Warhol Superstar Billy Name has revealed his "Ante Art" Superstars. Each person has been recognized for their contributions to the "Ante Art Scene" or the ree...mergence of the counter-culture underground of art and music and design. Billy Name, whose seminal photographs reflect the culture and style of the 1960's and Warhol's Silver Factory is rapidly becoming recognized as the godfather and mentor of a generation of visual artists and musicians who are influenced by the early Avant Garde. The works of the Ante Art Supertars will be on display at the show, "Jayne County's Mad Tea Party, Sex! Art! Music!" to be held at The Chelsea Hotel The hottest venue space in NYC.. More music! More Art! More Party! NIGHT, the world's most avant garde/sophisticated/provocative periodical. NIGHT, the ultimate scripture. NIGHT, the supreme oracle of current and future trends in art/fashion/literature/nightlife. NIGHT, the original nightlife magazine. NIGHT history lesson. NIGHT born in 1978. During the disco-nightclub era of Studio 54, Xenon, Club A, Regines, The Continental, Hurrah's, Danceteria, Pravda, etc., NIGHT was there. NIGHT played, and still plays, a major role in influencing the far-too-many nightlife/celebrity magazines that have followed NIGHT's trend-setting lead.

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